Nonplussed is a brand aimed at the future. We make the most desirable urban pieces with the lowest possible impact on the planet. We celebrate life with lines of sustainable clothing, we are agents of change and we imagine eco-sustainable clothes as integral parts of people's daily lives.

Every single dress is conceived, designed and produced as a timeless or seasonal garment: each of them will accompany you in a specific period, will remember it and represent you. This is why it will never belong to the past, this is why it will never age and will always be current.

So we do not indicate the year of the collection: each of our creations is designed to accompany you over the years, as an emotional part of your growth.

For this to become real, let's strip fashion of any negative component. Nonplussed is vegan fashion and cruelty free because by definition it does not use materials based on violence against animals, it excludes components of animal origin a priori and mainly uses cottons, organic cottons , linen, organic linen, FSC certified viscose and recycled fibres, ensuring you get the best ecological footprint.

The processes also take place within a few kilometers of radius, so as to eliminate the excessive production of CO2 and supporting work, sociality and territorial wealth. We will accompany the development of Nonplussed with actions and practical implications, true in reality.

The buttons we use are covered in fabric or made from recycled paper, like the tags themselves of clothes, in which we have deposited some seeds, as a symbol of rebirth and luxuriance. Have fun plant them directly in the pot and let a small green garden grow, a metaphor for how you can take care of yourself taking care of yourself, underlining your natural beauty, and at the same time of the Earth, of others.

We need relationships, to know and support each other, to release our joy of living and to color a world too often grey. With thoughts, with our outfits and with all the wonder of nature, so as to surprise us every day, remaining speechless even just in front of ourselves. And it is precisely from this idea that the word Nonplussed was born, because it describes, in English, that moment when you feel something so strong that you can't describe it. Let's marvel together. Because you are Nonplussed.

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